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One of Germany's most elite producers, Czientist has been an in-house producer for Mightier Than Then Sword Records since 2011, however his work with the label started four years earlier when Czientist and label founder, Ty Bru reunited online during the myspace craze of that time.

Since then Czientst has been one of Bru's main producers, helping set the tone for the 2009 release, "Heart Core Hip Hop." Mostly known for his incredibly soulful and smooth production patterns, Czientist has also worked with some high powered emcees since he used Myspace as an excellent form of global networking.

Linking up with nothing less than powerhouse artists such as, Apex, Beedie, Ty Bru, Jon Quest, DJ Drastik, Varsity Squad, Ed E Ruger, Medic, Seven Da Pantha, Apostle A.P., William Zaybiane and most recently Crystal Seth with Bubba Sparxxx, Czientst has proven that his eclectic influences from JDilla, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Madlib, Statik Selektah, Timbaland & Kanye West has enabled himself to be considered on the same playing field as these legends.

Czientist's production has been featured on several albums and mixtapes including, Beedie & DJ Mynd Tek
"Walking On A Dream," Coast to Coast Vol. 71 Hosted by Jadakiss & Coast to Coast Mixtapes & DJ RPM Presents: The Indie Top 50.

Using his production, The Ty Bru single featuring William Zaybiane, "T.K.O." was distributed through Island Def Jam, while Czientist's work in 2008 with Apex, "Face The Musik" was nominated best album of the year at the '08 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards.

Producing his first beat in 1999, 14 years later, Czientist is showing no signs of slowing down. With more projects in the works with Ty Bru, Apex, Crystal Seth, Worth Whyle and artists on Mightier Than The Sword Records, Czientist looks to continue down the same pathway of success that he has been walking down for the past six years.

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Yng Mak & True Stacks - ANTSY

You guys gotta take a look on this young upcoming artists from Pittsburgh, for all of you who know me and my music, know that i m addicted to that special Steel City flavour, and this kids are definatly doin their thing!
So click, watch and freak out to this joint!!!!

Vinny Radio - The Foundation!

You guys need to listen to this incredable Mc from Pittsburgh, with features of Mac Miller, Beedie, Fanchise etc, beat productions from P.Fish, J.Fish, Big Jerm, Ty Milla, Sayez, and Sam Whit!
Thumbs up!

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Vinny Radio - That Music from Ian Rex Arrow Wolfson on Vimeo.

* 1.The Foundation (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 2.Uphill Battle (New King) (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 3.Let It Fly (prod. J. Fish) [listen] download
* 4.It's Whatever (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 5.Vinny The Semi (prod. Street Radio) [listen] download
* 6.Fly With Me (feat. Kemickal) (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 7.That Music (prod. Big Jerm) [listen] download
* 8.Too Clean (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 9.On The Move (feat. Franchise, Beedie, & Mac Miller) (prod. P. Fish) [listen]
* 10.Fight Club (feat. Tip Tha Ill-Spit) (prod. Big Jerm) [listen] download
* 11.People (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 12.Bottle After Bottle (prod. Ty Milla) [listen] download
* 13.High Times (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 14.Never Again (prod. Sam Whit) [listen] download
* 15.Hold On (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 16.The Bar Seminar (feat. The Scholars) (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 17.Optimism (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 18.The Getaway (feat. Mayo & B. White) (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 19.Never Be The Same (prod. Sayez) [listen] download
* 20.Space Travellin' (feat. Franchise) (prod. P. Fish) [listen] download
* 21.Spaceship (prod. P. Fish


"No 1 Without You" Prod by Drumgangdotcom Free DL!
Listen and write some comments!
It´s another teaser for the upcoming LP Sound Travel!

Free download on LimeLinx

Apex on Bandcamp

Ty Bru - Triple Bypass/In the Ambulance Artwork!

These are the covers of the new Ty Bru LP which will be released on April 29, 2011 @ S.W.E.T.
Design by Marcus of god city.



Bringing Danger feat The One Kemist
(Produced By Double J The Jenius for Iconoclast)

Mightier Than The Sword Records
Iconoclast Crew
Soulful Music Group
Mightier Than The Sword Photography
Mightier Than The Sword Records
The Third Solo Album From MTTS' Ty Bru
Executive Producer: Ty Bru
Recorded, Mixed & Engineered By
Double J The Jenius @ Iconoclast Studios
Cover Front & Back Design: Marcus Kiser from god city

2011 Mightier Than The Sword Records. 2059 US Highway 64 West Asheboro, NC. All Rights Reserved

1. Sirens feat. Tenacious
(Produced By Sun7 For Exile Productions)

2. Damn I'm A Fool feat. Big Jaton
(Produced By Double J The Jenius For Iconoclast)

3. Storm Warning feat. Ed E Ruger
(Produced By Ty Bru For MTTS/Soulful Music Group)

4. Bringing Danger feat. The One Kemist
(Produced By Double J The Jenius For Iconoclast)

5. T.K.O. feat. William Zaybiane
(Produced By Czientist For MTTS)

6. Total Recall feat. King James
(Produced By Ty Bru For MTTS/Soulful Music Group)

7. Bad Day
(Produced By Grisly Addams)

8. I Do The Same Thing
(Produced By Ty Bru For MTTS/Soulful Music Group)

9. 60 In The City
(Produced By Dubkiller of Fire Dept. Music)

10. Never Run feat. B-Star
(Produced By Double J The Jenius For Iconoclast)

11. Stereo Sound
(Produced By Double J The Jenius For Iconoclast)

12. In The Ambulance
(Produced By West Wonder For MTTS/Soulful Music Group)

13. The Grudge
(Produced By Double J The Jenius For Iconoclast)

14.Sick And Tired 2011 feat. Sirpreme and JTimber
(Produced By JC For MTTS/Republic Ent.)

15. Handle Them feat. Medic and Paxx Morris
(Produced By Ty Bru For MTTS/Soulful Music Group)

16. Animals feat Don Giorgio
(Produced By Double J The Jenius and Tre Stylez For Iconoclast)

17. War Zone feat. Ed E Ruger, AP Apostle, Seven Da Pantha & Medic
(Produced By Czientist For MTTS)

18. Ty Bru's That Jerk
(Produced By The Beat Squad)

19. Super Hero Remix feat. Rawzen
(Produced By True Scribe)

20. Str8 Knock feat. Young Stacks & Stretch Money Tha Money Stretcha
(Produced By Ty Bru For MTTS/Soulful Music Group)

21. Posse Cut feat. Shadow, Stitchy C, Ed E Ruger, Tenacious, Cutthroat Smitty, Blaze Belushi, B-Star, Medic, William Zaybiane, Rem Steel, Young C, JBryant, Slate Stone, & Matt Irie
(Produced By Thanos Beats For MTTS)

THE BEAT BULLY LP..... Coming in May 2011

Beedie´s long awaited Beat Bully album is droping in May 2011, so watch out for it!
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Apex-Grow up (Prod. by Czientist) goes #1 on!

APEX currently has the #1 song on!!! GO CHECK IT!! They are number 11 overall and number #3 on the Hip Hop Charts!!

Promotional Schedule for Ty Brus upcoming LP "Tripple Bypass"

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Free live streaming by Ustream

And the winner is..... "Varsity Squad" (Best new Artist/Group on the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards)

Congrats to Beedie, John Quest and Shade Cobain!

Complete list of winners:

• Male Artist: 2GZZ
• Female Artist: Lady Homi
• Duo or Group: Formula 412
• Female Singer: Dell Saunders
• Male Singer: Ira Soul
• Video: P.O.P. "2 Hard Living"
• Mixtape: Mysterious "Blue Flame 3"
• Producer: Sledgren
• Mixtape DJ: DJ Fast Eddie
• Club DJ: GQ
• Reggae artist: Fudgie Springer
• Dance Group: Pittsburgh Heat
• New Artist: Varsity Squad
• Underground Artist: Furious Styles
• Under-21 Artist: Lil D Da-Prince
• Inspirational Artist: Artistree
• Poet: Sincere
• Comedian: Stefon Braxton
• Record Label: Rovalike
• Studio: Ya Momz House
• Internet Radio/TV show: 101 Blaze
• Website:
• Clothing Store: Timebomb
• Model: Haitian Beauty
• Graphic design: KMK Designs
• Photographer: Jordan Beckham
• Journalist: Scott Mervis (Post-Gazette)
• Twitter user: GQ412
• Facebook user: Brotha Ash
• Music Store: Upbeat
• Concert promoter: Howard Bullard
• Mover/shaker: Lee Davis

Varsity Squad / First video (Till infinity)

The video is performed by Varsity Squad (Beedie, John Quest, Shade Cobain).
Shot & edited by Brandon Dull.
Debut album from Varsity Squad is on the way.

Don t forget to vote for Beedie, John Quest and Varsity Squad on the "Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards"
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